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WebIZ Public Access Portal

Nevada residents who have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the State of Nevada are automatically entered into the drawing based on Nevada immunization records once your vaccinator provides the state vaccination registry, Nevada WebIZ, with your information.

Nevada WebIZ is a confidential online computer system used statewide by vaccinators to keep track of their patients’ immunizations. Through the Public Access Portal website:

  • Parents and legal guardians can print official immunization records for their child (or children) (ages 0 through 17 years) and
  • Adult individuals (ages 18 years and over) can print an official immunization record for themselves.

5 Easy Steps to Finding a Record Through the Public Access Portal

  1. Visit the Public Access Portal at:
  2. Enter the Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Relationship to the person whose record you are searching for. Choose either “Text” or “Email” and proceed to enter the cell phone number or email address and click “Search." Remember, it's important that what you enter matches the record provided to your vaccinator at the time of your vaccination.
  3. Once a record is found, click “Request Code to Access Immunization Record.”
  4. You will receive an access code via text or email to enter on the “Verification Code” screen. Click “Verify” once the access code has been entered.
  5. Print and/or save the Official Immunization Record (Adobe .PDF format).

Can't Find Your Immunization Records in WebIZ?

When searching through the portal, the fields must match exactly what the provider entered: first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number and/or email address. Because WebIZ has records of all vaccinations entered by Nevada providers, not just COVID-19 vaccinations, you may have an older phone number or email address associated with your name in the system. If a friend or family member scheduled your vaccine appointment for you, their phone number or email address may be associated with your information.

If you experience any trouble accessing the Public Access Portal or cannot find your immunization records please email Vax Nevada Day Program support at 1.800.401.0946. Nevada law requires that all immunizations administered in Nevada be stored in Nevada WebIZ.

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