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Frequently Asked Questions

Are already-vaccinated individuals eligible for the Vax Nevada Days Promotional Program?

Yes, if you were vaccinated in Nevada prior to the beginning of Vax Nevada Days, you are entered into all 8 drawings. The contest is not exclusive to individuals vaccinated after the June 17 contest announcement.

How does someone enter the drawing?

Nevada residents who have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the State of Nevada are automatically entered into the drawing based on Nevada immunization records once your vaccinator provides the state vaccination registry with your information. There is no need to fill out an entry form.

If I win one of the weekly prizes, will I still be eligible to win the Grand Prize?

Yes, a winner of a weekly drawing remains in the pool for all future drawings, including the Grand Prize. This means the sooner you get vaccinated the more chances you have to win.

How long will Vax Nevada Days run and when will winners be announced?

The giveaway announcements will occur weekly every Thursday starting on July 8 with the last announcement taking place on August 26.

How will I be notified if I’ve won?

Winners will be notified by an official representative of Immunize Nevada using the contact information within an individual’s Nevada WebIZ record.

The state protects your privacy, and has taken steps to protect Nevadans against scams. Only Immunize Nevada and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will know the identity of the person associated with the random number that has been drawn.

Winners will not be asked to pay any fees to claim a prize. Program representatives will never ask you for your bank account number or credit card number. Nor will they ask you to send money. Please review the official rules to see what information will be asked in order to release payment. Any fraudulent activities or misinformation should be reported to

Is my personal immunization information safe?

Yes. The State Immunization Program and Immunize Nevada are taking precautions to protect your immunization information and will ensure the drawings are fair, honest, legal, and protective of personal information.

No personal health information will be shared by these programs. IGT will assist the program, but will not receive personally-identifiable information. All entries will be anonymous to them.

Can I decline the prize if my number is drawn?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to decline your prize.

Can I remain anonymous if I win?

No, anonymity is not guaranteed to winners. By claiming a prize, you agree that your name may be announced publicly. If remaining anonymous is a priority for you, you will need to decline your prize. 

If I had only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, can I win?


Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Yes. Prizes are subject to all applicable state and federal taxes. The Program will report prizes won to the IRS as required by federal law. The winner is solely responsible for paying all applicable taxes. Cash prizes may be offset by outstanding amounts owed to the State, including but not limited to: taxes, penalties, or judgments.

How old do you have to be to be eligible?

Prizes for Adults
Nevadans ages 18 and older are eligible to win cash amounts ranging from $1,000 to $250,000, and a Grand Prize of $1 million. Adults are also eligible to win Nevada State Park annual entrance passes and Nevada fishing licenses.

Prizes for Minors
There will be separate drawings for Nevadans 12-17 years old. Nevadans ages 12-17 are eligible to win 529 plans for post-secondary education ranging in value from $5,000 to $50,000, Nevada State Park annual entrance passes and Nevada fishing licenses.

Who is eligible to win?

To be eligible to claim a prize in this promotion, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are a resident of the State of Nevada.
  2. You are at least 18 years of age for cash prizes, or at least 12 years of age with consent of a parent or guardian for 529 savings plans and non-cash prizes.
  3. You have received at least one dose of a recommended COVID-19 vaccination in Nevada at any time prior to the end of this Promotion.
  4. You have signed and submitted all required documentation and releases as part of the claims process by the required deadlines, including without limitation, proof of identity and consent to publicity.

The following persons are NOT eligible to claim a prize in this promotion:

  1. Any officer or employee of the State Immunization Program, Nevada Office of the Governor, Immunize Nevada, or any employee of technology vendors assisting in the implementation of the drawings, and any relative within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity of such an officer or employee.
  2. Any person appointed by the Governor to a cabinet-level position, and any relative within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity of such a person.
  3. Any person who holds the office of U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative in Congress for the State of Nevada, and any relative within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity of such an officer, and any employee of such an officer.
  4. Any person who holds a statewide elective office or who is a member of the Nevada Senate or Assembly, and any relative within the first degree of consanguinity or affinity of such an officer or member.
  5. Any incarcerated person. For purposes of this Promotion, “incarcerated” means a person who is physically confined in any state or federal correctional facility as of the date of the drawing.

Are the prizes transferable?

Prizes are not transferable.

How is the drawing being randomized?

The Nevada Immunization Program and Immunize Nevada is working with IGT to ensure the winners are selected using a certified random number generator, similar to the process used by similar drawings conducted elsewhere.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please visit our Contact and Support page if you have questions regarding a COVID-19 vaccination or this giveaway.

Using the WebIZ public access portal.

To find records in the state vaccination registry, Nevada WebIZ, visit our WebIZ Public Access Portal instructions page

Where is the funding for these giveaways coming from?

Vax Nevada Days is a promotion of Immunize Nevada in partnership with the State of Nevada. The giveaways are sponsored by Immunize Nevada and made possible through funds from the American Rescue Plan from the State of Nevada.

Why are there winners present at the weekly drawings? I thought the drawings were taking place live on Thursdays?

Immunize Nevada and the State of Nevada take the privacy of all Nevadans very seriously, and we would never compromise our residents’ trust by sharing names without consent. Because Vax Nevada Days is a contest where ALL eligible Nevadans are entered to win, and winners’ names are part of the public record, we are cognizant that some Nevadans may not want their information to be made public. Additionally, HIPAA laws protect patient rights, so we must secure permission to release the identities of winning COVID-19-vaccinated patients.

For all of these reasons, we cannot hold live drawings.

Cash and prize winners, therefore, are drawn from among all eligible Nevadans in advance of our Thursday live reveals, and they are notified then that they’re a winner but not told their prize amount. At that time, they must consent to their names being released within a defined period of time. If we’ve had delays reaching winners, it’s possible that some are still within that notification window, and they have not yet consented to releasing their name — which is why sometimes we don’t announce all winners at the Thursday live reveals. At the Thursday live reveal, every Nevadan whose name is read aloud or who appears in person to receive a prize has consented to this release of their personal information.

How do I know that the drawings are being held fairly?

Immunize Nevada and the State of Nevada are taking every step possible to maintain the fairness and security of these drawings. Our process is overseen by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, which is comprised of the gaming industry’s most trusted, trained and educated gaming regulators in the world. Additionally, Vax Nevada Days is utilizing the resources of IGT, a world-renowned gaming servicer, which is donating time, materials and resources to protecting the integrity of this contest.

How do I know if I’m an actual winner or if I’m being contacted by a scammer?

  1. Initial contact with Vax Nevada Days representatives does not include requests for banking or personal identification information.
  2. Vax Nevada Days representatives will never text a link to prize winners. Do not click links included in a text message that claims you have won.
  3. Winners are not drawn using “winning numbers.” Should you be contacted about your winning number being drawn, these individuals are not affiliated with Vax Nevada Days.
  4. The Vax Nevada Days incentive is not a "lottery" under Nevada state law. Anyone contacting you using phrases or words including “lottery” verbiage is not affiliated with Vax Nevada Days.
  5. Winners will not be asked to pay any fees to claim a prize, nor will they be asked to send money. If cash winners choose, they may get prize money routed to them via digital transfer (versus via check) which will require a bank routing number. Program representatives will never ask for a bank account number or credit card number.

Vax Nevada Days representatives are reaching out to winners using contact information tied to Nevada WebIZ records, which might include home and cell phone numbers. If you are not certain whether a voicemail or email regarding Vax Nevada Days is legitimate, please reach out to a member of the team at to verify. 

We appreciate your understanding as we work to keep this process fair and protect Nevadans

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